Our Investment Process

  • We employ an all-cap proprietary research driven approach which has been developed over 25 years
  • Tactical ranges around the core allocation allow us to make adjustments based on our judgments about markets, sectors, and industries
  • Sell discipline may be activated due to overvaluation, a change in a company’s fundamental outlook or over weighting in a client’s portfolio
  • We use options to protect positions and/or to generate income
  • We use options to protect, to be risk adverse or to generate yield

Our Research Process

  • Focus on bottom up, company specific approach for an all market cap portfolio
  • Well defined quantitative research process allows us to analyze relative trends in a company’s fundamentals versus their competitors; valuation and trading analysis also play an important role
  • Backdrop is market history: Knowledge of the past aids evaluation of the present by providing a standard against which recent developments can be measured


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