Establishing a Relationship

  • Getting to know you
    • Developing a relationship with a trusted professional in any business relationship helps ensure your wishes, wants, and needs are truly taken into consideration. Working with a Financial Advisor is no different.
    • Everyone on our team understands the value of being a trusted resource and contact. Because of this we prefer to listen and ask thought provoking questions when meeting a new client or reviewing a portfolio with an existing client. Getting to know what motivates you and what goals you might have not just in a financial aspect but also family and life drives the conversation. Over time this allows us to help guide your financial decisions.
  • Understanding your financial situation
    • As with any Advisory firm, knowing where your financial wealth/health stands provides necessary information to work with on how best to advise you.
    • We work with you to gather all pertinent financial information.
    • Clearly understanding your finances allows us to focus on specific areas that will provide the most value to you.

Developing a Common Goal

  • A strong relationship helps us lay out a set of goals for your financial future
    • Future Income Needs: Income and cash flow needs are determined
    • Risk Tolerance: Understanding how much investment risk can be taken within your portfolio
  • Ability – Can you financially take on investment risk?
  • Willingness – How comfortable are you with taking on risk?
    • Investments: Future Income Needs and Risk Tolerance will drive your Investment Portfolio’s composition, known as your Investment Objective.
    • Putting your Investment Objective into action by establishing an Investment Policy Statement 
  • Investment Policy Statements establishes your investment parameter s and ensures both you and our team understand what is important to you
    • Investment Management – Understanding the Risk vs Return objectives of specific strategies and how your assets will be invested
    • Retirement – Getting a clear picture of how retirement may look for you and your family
    • Legacy (Estate) – If you plan on leaving assets to loved ones when you pass, having a quality estate plan is essential

Monitoring Progress

  • Our firm continually monitors and works on your portfolio
    • Review meetings are scheduled to discuss your portfolio and progress
    • Meetings help ensure your goals and objectives remain up to date to and that your portfolio’s objective is aligned with your goals 

Portfolio Construction

  • Understanding how your assets will be invested

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How Can We Help?

We offer a welcoming atmosphere and invite you to stop in for a face-to-face meeting or to call us with any questions you may have.

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