Graham, Benjamin. (Revised Edition, 2003 by Jason Zweig Harper Business Essentials, based on the 1973 edition). The Intelligent Investor. New York: Harper & Row

(Great review of past Graham’s investing experience. Basic common sense advice on stock selection and portfolio management. Good book for a value or growth investor.)

Graham, Benjamin and David Dodd (1934). Security Analysis (pp. 451-460). New York: McGraw Hill

(textbook orientation)

Ellis, Charles D. and James R. Vertin (ed) (1989). Classics: An Investor’s Anthology Homewood, IL: Business One Irwin.

(Short stories, places the reality of investment management in historical context, non textbook, easy and interest reading.)

Achelis, Steven B. (2001), Technical Analysis From A to Z, New York, McGraw-Hill

(Great reference for almost everything on technical analysis, good reference for the non-believer.)

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